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A word of caution


A word of caution needs to be added here with respect to commercial insurance policies in general and commercial earthquake policies in particular.

Too often some small to medium size commercial property owners and managers make the mistake of thinking of their local agent who sold them their car insurance or their home insurance when it comes to managing the protection of their multi-million dollar commercial buildings against earthquake or other perils.

Obviously no agent will say no to an opportunity to "sell" a policy but more often than not, these agents are not seasoned in, or familiar with commercial insurance policies' legal language, where the policy language has to be custom built (having correct endorsements inserted into it) by an experienced broker due the fact that no two business operations are ever alike and the needs and risks associated with every business absolutely call for totally different types of insurance endorsements that only an experienced commercial broker can determine whether or not need to be inserted into the policy contract. Therefore every commercial policy has to be custom designed by a broker familiar with the types of endorsements available by the different carriers - based on the unique needs of each individual business. This is an absolute necessary condition that has to be met in order for the policy to fully satisfy the needs of that particular business entity. 

This is where an agent not familiar with these legal terminologies who just plugs in your answers to questions on an application (as it is customary when agents quote Auto and Homeowners policies) could spell absolute disaster!


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